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Will Raw feeding make my dog ‘blood thirsty’ and aggressive?

Raw feeding will most definitely NOT cause your dog to be ‘blood thirsty’ or aggressive.

Dog behaviourists may know of a term called ‘resource guarding’. To a dog, raw meat is of a higher value than dry kibble, so they tend to be more ‘protective’ over their raw food even though they may not have reacted this way with kibble.

‘Resource guarding’ is relatively common behaviour among canines and is greatly influenced by a dogs’ natural instinct to survive. This is simple canine behaviour and is most definitely NOT exclusive to RAW feeding!

Will my dog get salmonella from eating raw chicken?

Our food has been lab tested for pathogens and has come back negative. We take all necessary precautions to ensure that cold chain is never broken so that there is no opportunity for the growth of bacteria.

It is important to know that unlike humans, dogs have a much stronger immune system and tolerance to certain bacteria. Dogs can handle a certain amount of Salmonella in their systems without falling ill. In fact, it is a natural part of their fauna and flora. Salmonella and other bacterial growth can be easily avoided with good hygiene and care for meat products.

Are your products suitable for all breeds?

All components are finely minced before being packaged, making it suitable for all breeds, including small breeds such as Yorkshire terriers and Spaniels .

Do your products contain any additives or preservatives?

Our products are all natural and contain NO additives or preservatives in them.

My dog has skin allergies, would Primal help?

We have had great success with our tripe mix, hypoallergenic and Organic Game lines for treating skin issues. Many of our clients have noticed a significant reduction in their dogs’ allergies since making the switch and some dogs have even completely come off Cortisone and/or Antihistamine since switching to Primal Raw.

My dog is quite old, is it safe to make the switch to raw?

You can make the switch at any age. A raw and natural diet is a step in the right direction. In fact, raw, unbleached tripe is known to have excellent properties, including elements which promote the bodies’ natural anti-inflammatory response, which is great for joint issues common during old age.

At what age can I start feeding my puppy Primal?

Primal can be fed as early as three weeks old, when the puppy is first introduced to solid food. Deworming regularly is vital during infant stages

How do I store the product?

Primal products should be kept completely frozen at all times and only thawed out before feeding

Do I need to wean my dog off kibble?

To avoid a running tummy/ constipation, we suggest a transition to raw over a 4 day period, as follows:

Day 1 – 25% Primal

Day 2 – 50% Primal

Day 3 – 75% Primal

Day 4 – 100% Primal

Is Primal a complete meal?

All our products (unless otherwise stated) are complete meals, meaning that, for your average healthy dog, you do not need to add anything additional to your dogs recommended Primal feed at meal times.

It is important to know that ‘complete and balanced’ simply means that the food meets the MINIMAL theoretical health requirements for the AVERAGE dog! These studies are done on a small number of dogs, over a short period of time. It does NOT take into account the fact that each individual dog has unique nutritional requirements.

We always advise our clients to add any additional fruit/ veg to their pets’ meal if they feel that their individual dogs need it!

Do I need to cook the product?

None of our products require any cooking. Simply thaw and feed RAW!

How often should I deworm my dog after making the switch to Primal?

A puppy up to 6 months old, on a raw diet, should be dewormed every 2-3 weeks.

An adult from 6 months up, on a raw diet, should be dewormed every 3 months.

How much should I feed my dog?

Please see tab on feeding guideline.


My dogs’ stools are a lot smaller since switching to Primal, is this normal?

This is absolutely normal! On a Primal raw and natural diet, there are No corn/maize fillers, only fresh and nutritious ingredients so your dogs absorb more nutrients, vitamins and minerals from their food than they do with kibble, which is made up of about 60% carbohydrates.

Is Primal safe for pregnant and lactating bitches?

Pregnant/Nursing dogs need to be on a diet that is easily digestible, contains good quality protein, is packed with a variety of vitamins and minerals and provides a good source of energy.

Primal Raw products are minced for easy feeding, they contain A-grade protein, is rich in vitamins and minerals from natural sources such as ‘unbleached’ tripe, chicken meat and organ, and is a great source of sustainable energy due to far less carbs weighing them down.

Do you deliver?

We deliver ourselves all around Johannesburg,Pretoria and the vaal.

We’ve also got multiple distributers in large metros nationwide.

Can I purchase Primal from any retail supermarket chains?

Our main aim is to keep Primal affordable and accessible to everyone. In order to do so we have made the decision to keep Primal out of the retail supermarket chains for now, so that the price is not hiked up and made ‘unaffordable’.

Do your products contain any fruit/vegetables?

None of our current products contain fruit/ vegetables. We do not believe that it is absolutely necessary for your average healthy dog. Also we’ve found that some dogs are quite fussy, so in order to reach many more dogs we have decided to leave it up to you to add any fruit/ veg that your dog may enjoy or need, to your daily recommended Primal feed.